What you can expect at your session

Every Session Includes:

  • Biomat infrared heat therapy. (Profoundly relaxing and restorative.)
  • 100% shea butter/jojoba oil with no chemicals or preservatives.
  •  Natural topical analgesics.
  • Client education and recommendations
  • Excellent listening skills & recorded treatment notes.


Maryann will ask questions to design a treatment plan that will be effective to resolve your problem(s). Don't be afraid to discuss any apprehensions or concerns you may have. She has lots of training and experience working with many different client histories.

All information discussed during your appointment is strictly confidential. 

"What if I am embarrassed about my body?"

MaryAnn is a professional and sensitive to possible client issues with touch. She is non-judgmental about weight, body hair, skin conditions and scars as well as trauma history. 

Remember, she works with you, not on you.

During the Session

MaryAnn will leave so you can undress to your comfort level in privacy and lie on a cozy heated table covering yourself with sheets and a blanket. She will knock and confirm you're  ready before re-entering.  

You can feel confident to let her know if you are cold, hot, uncomfortable with your position, her technique or amount of pressure being used.  Remember, you are in charge and can ask for changes anytime.

End of Session

MaryAnn will  leave so you can dress in private.  She will be writing treatment notes on her findings, predicted results,  future recommendations and will discuss them with you. You will have a documented treatment plan to refer to over time. She may make recommendations or give stretches & home exercises to extend the benefits gained during the session.


Accepting cash and check only at this time. Sorry, no debit/credit cards. 

Worker's Compensation is accepted with pre-approval. 

 If other insurance coverage applies, an itemized receipt will be ready for you to submit to insurance after check or cash payment is received.