Real Client Reviews


   After years of having severe dent in my muscle and after seeing specialist after specialist and spending a ton of money i am grateful to find her. She understands my problem and is actually helping me. Something I had literally given up on. I am finally on the mend after 7 long years of excruciating pain. She is amazing!!! Would highly recommend her. I am looking forward to being active again after years of discouragement. ❤️   

Patrice Vierra

" Mary Ann's therapy is deeper and more profoundly healing than any massage I've had in a lifetime of regular bodywork. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Nancy Coleman 

 "Wow, really an impressive improvement on my shoulder and pain, at more than a "massage the muscles" level. Highly recommended. "

Sean Poage


I’ve never experienced a massage by someone more intentional and present than MaryAnn. The time did not fly by and yet the it was so relaxing and pleasant. That’s never happened before. She asked me what I really wanted work on and so I prioritized some areas of leg and neck muscles and didn’t feel like I missed out on anything else. Plus she actually focused on areas I wanted relief with. Also I rarely fall asleep during massages and I did doze off during the fist half but I’d say it’s because of the presence and quality of her work. I knew I was in good hands lol.
All in all this was the best massage I’ve ever received 

-one happy massage recipient. 

"MaryAnn is a godsend! She has worked wonders during the few times I have had unbearable back pain. She also remains a key component in my overall wellness plan by helping to heal not only my body but my soul. I appreciate that MaryAnn's goal is to address  and actually resolve the physical problems. Too often it is easy to get locked into a pattern of needing to see a health care provider every week in order to obtain continued relief with no end in sight. MaryAnn is open and honest about how she can help and has a goal of making you well so that you do not need to see her on a regular basis. Although she is so amazing you will probably want to see her on a regular basis. "

Kimberly Sinclair

I'm still feeling the benefits from my massage last week with MaryAnn at Portland Massage Company. Seriously Kick-Ass knowledge and technique, doesn't get any better. Thank you! 

Tony Diphillipo 

 MaryAnn's deep knowledge of anatomy, her palpatory skills and thoughtful application of well directed attention is impressive. I felt well attended.

Josie Conte

  "MaryAnn is wonderful to work with. She really takes time to understand your health and goals. She gives 100% during your session and caters your session to your needs. Her work has helped me heal long-term chronic pain and saved me expensive orthopedic procedures! "

Katie Sendze    

I am a HUGE fan of Portland Massage Company! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Maryann and her true gift of healing. I have never been disappointed in a massage, and usually learn something new about myself or my own self care that is absolutely beneficial. Maryann cares deeply about the quality and professionalism of her work. She has seen me in a variety of states of health, always maintaining a level of compassion and a deep listening presence that leaves me feeling markedly better on many levels. I send any of my friends/family looking for a top notch, quality massage experience to Maryann.. highly recommend!!  

Kendra Gaarder