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Massage and Advanced Manual Therapy

What's the difference between Advanced Manual Therapy and Regular Massage?

Manual therapy can still feel a lot like  massage therapy except it uses more specific, detailed, and advanced techniques. Considered a deep tissue specialty,  manual therapy zeroes in through layers of fascia to get to specific points. It often includes gentle mobilization of nerve tissue, fascial adhesions, and active participation from the client. It often calls for working on an imbalance in another part of the body that may not seem related. 

It is a bit like getting your car detailed versus going through an automatic car wash. 

" Will manual therapy help if I don't have an injury? I'm just tight all over and my stress level is through the roof! "

 Yes. This is called a general Tune-up session. Many people describe it as the most effective and thorough massage they have ever had. 

Manual therapy is very specific and slow work. It can coax the nervous system into a parasympathetic response, bringing it from a highly active state to calm and deeply relaxed.  

Infrared heat therapy is also used during each session. 

Take the guess work out of finding a therapist whom you feel confident in to resolve your pain, aches or physical restrictions. You will be receiving quality, compassionate, and professional care.

Detailed massage and manual therapy


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Who has benefited from care at Portland Massage Company?


  • People who needed precise, restorative, and functional relief of soft tissue and joint problems. 
  • Anyone who had repetitive-use caused pain . Dentists, hair dressers, athletes, commuters, computer warriors, massage therapists(!) 
  • Mastectomy and other post surgical patients with old scar tissue causing pain/restriction in adjacent areas.
  • People over the age of 50, who wanted to remove physical restrictions for pain-free activities.
  • People who did not have luck with regular massage therapy or chiropractic care.
  • Folks who experienced high level stress or anxiety that created muscular symptoms . They were unable to "unplug" from constant mental activity. 
  • Expecting mothers with sciatic, hip and back pain. Nursing moms with mid-back pain. (They really get the special treatment from MaryAnn)
  • Children who have had  musco-skelatal injuries or complaints. Please see listing below.


Intra-Oral massage for TMJ/TMD clients

MaryAnn specializes in intra-oral massage for people with jaw pain and TMJ syndrome. Using gloved hands she gently loosens the deep muscles inside the mouth. Her previous work as a periodontal surgical assistant lends superior comfort  with this specialty work.

Foot Massage and Reflexology

 A deeply relaxing and extremely detailed  foot massage session using Reflexology and joint mobility techniques with soothing shea butter and essential oils.  If you don't have time for a full body tune-up session, this work goes a long way.

Massage for kids and young adults

This is a specialty sub-group that MaryAnn frequently works with. Please contact her for consult and discounted rates.

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